Welcome to Platinum Contracting Group, LLC

Platinum Contracting Group was founded in Spanish Fort, Alabama in 2008 by a sole proprietor, Andrew Rodriguez. With over 28 years of experience, Andrew Rodriguez has an extensive, successful background in the shipbuilding industry. Platinum Contracting Group started out with just a handful of employees, and has expanded to more than 300 in less than a year. PCG is continually growing each day with more and more job opportunities available for various crafts and skills. Currently, PCG recruits and staffs for several locations nationwide. Despite the economical slump of today, Platinum Contracting Group strives to move forward in a positive direction by providing various employment opportunities across the United States.

Functioning as an expert in contract labor, PCG has tremendous customer service capabilities, combined with a broad spectrum of knowledge in the industrial and maritime workforce. PCG’s primary goal is to assist contractors and industrial companies in perfecting all aspects of labor productivity while dramatically reducing labor costs and increasing job morality.

Together We Can Create A Better Workforce.